Our Purpose

Every child is precious and deserves opportunities to thrive in a conducive environment. They are here for a reason and their gifts are waiting to be discovered, developed and nurtured.

All children are unique in their own ways, like oysters, they are waiting to be uncovered.

Finding a home for a child is what we strive to do.

If you want to adopt a child

As you embark on you journey to be adoptive parents, we appreciate your anxiety regarding the adoption. We are committed to support you through and after your adoption process by exploring your needs and guiding you. We will provide you with the necessary information and the legal requirements in adoption. We match you with a suitable child who is either from overseas or locally.

Intent to put your child for adoption

For individuals who have made the decision to give up your child for adoption, we do empathize with your situation and your desire to have the best for your child. We therefore are committed to finding a suitable home, where your baby can develop and thrive. We journey with you post-delivery.  

Schmike & Alice