Hear what our clients have to say

Schmike & Alice

Our adoption journey hasn’t been this hopeful and smooth until we met SteppingStones.

We started our journey by attending the pre-adoption briefing in 2016 and it seemed like a difficult and long journey to search for the impossible. From sourcing for the child to the legal proceedings, the adoption journey felt like “an unachievable long shot”. “We felt helpless and no one to guide us”. Google searches and reading thru limited forums did not help and only led us to more skepticism.

We believe everything happens for a reason and my wife chanced upon a friend in 2019 who disclosed that she adopted her daughter. We found that trigger of “hope” from her success story. We applied for the Home Study Report with Lutheran Community Care Services. With ample of “prayers and divine help”, we chanced upon SteppingStones. Through them, we felt “comfortable” and “assured”. We are thankful that progress escalated very quickly for us. With their “one-stop” comprehensive solution from sourcing to the dependents pass, lengthy legal process to the adoption order. They go the extra mile to guide us “step by step” of the whole process and even how to care for our precious infant. What is more amazing, is the love and passion SteppingStones have for their work and children.

Today, we are finally proud parents-to-be of a smiley 3-month old baby girl. With her, our family’s bond closer together.

“We are grateful to SteppingStones for their meticulous guidance in this entire smooth adoption journey”! God bless the team for the amazing work done.

-Schmike & Alice

Tom and Zann

We decided to proceed with adoption with SteppingStones after many discussions with people around us and praying about it. To complete the adoption process, we attended the adoption workshop and chose Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) to complete the Home Study Report (HSR) on our behalf. We thought we were mentally ready. However, we did not expect to feel such mixture of joy and anxiety the moment we help Isaac for the first time. It was entirely a new experience but a good one. Having Isaac in our lives bonds us as a couple. We share with each other the little things Isaac has achieved for the day, his giggles, his routine and so on. It has also created a lot of bonding time for our extended family. They pour out their love and blessings on Issac and the family is filled with more excitement and activities.

Being parents of Isaac, we see a life that we are responsible for and have begun a new chapter in our lives. This wonderful new chapter is only possible because of the leap of faith we took to have Isaac with SteppingStones. We thank God for the gift and the opportunity to be parents and SteppingStones for arranging the whole process as seamlessly as possible. It has been such a wonderful process for us that we will encourage any adoptive parents to appoint SteppingStones to assist them.

-Tony and Zann

Amy and James

God has a plan and purpose for everyone and everything that happens. On the Good Friday of 2019, we first met Matthias trough SteppingStones when he was three weeks old. The moment we met him, we knew it was love at first sight. But more importantly, we knew it was God’s leading to bring Matthias into our lives and us into his life. Hence, we gave him the name Matthias, which means the “gift of the Lord”. Matthias was a stewardship from God – something we did not realise until we brought him for a health check a few days after we met him. He was not feeding well and required a surgery to rectify the problem.

While it was a trying period for us to stay by his side in the hospital, we came to appreciate how God enabled us to provide for his every need as well as a new place to stay with us. Most of all, God taught us humility and dependency on Him for His provision for Matthias. Thankfully, Matthias recovered well form the surgery a week later. We have seen how Matthias has grown ever since he was three weeks old to almost three months old. The journey for us as new parents has not been easy with all the late night feedings and constant attention, but the joy that comes from this stewardship is indescribable especially when Matthias first smiled at us. His smile feels as if he is thanking God for his new chance in life through us. We too thank God for the ministry of SteppingStones and God’s plans and purposes for our family.

-Amy and James