Our Approaches


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Forming Forever Families

For a child to thrive, it is critical that the whole being of the child is being nurtured – physical, emotional, social, educational, and spiritual, by a consistent caregiver who has the capacity to provide safety, guidance, support, and play.

In SteppingStones, we adopt the following principles as we journey with you to welcome the child into your family.

We actively engage adoptive parents to understand their needs and concerns, partnering them in the adoption journey as well as facilitating them to understand and appreciate the needs of the child they would be adopting.

We shall act responsibly and ethically towards our agency partners, adoptive parents and the child.

We seek to maintain the highest levels of integrity and observe all confidentiality rights. Each day we stand committed to meet our obligations to all our constituents – parents, child, employees and to ourselves.

We strive to build a positive experience for both the adoptive parents and the child through information giving and legal support.

We believe in widening the circle of support for adoptive parents in view of their unique challenges through the adoptive parents support group. This support group allows parents to share their experiences and leverage on their strengths and gifts.

“Every child is precious, awaiting their gifts to be discovered and nurtured in a loving environment.”